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Photo company‘s offer

  Photo company‘s ‘Vilniaus Artele‘ offer for pre-school training institutios, schools, colleges.

1. We photograph schools‘ pupils and teachers:
a) Class photography ; b) Portrait series ; c) Inset series; d)Calendar; e) Friends‘ photo
2. We give a photo-album with all classes‘ photos for free for the archive of the school.
3. We give a CD with school‘s photos for the website of the school.
4. We give teachers‘ collective photos and class photo for every teacher for free.
5. We a photo of all students and teachers for the school (it‘s given framed).
6. In addition we can make:
a) school‘s business cards
b) buiseness with pictures for school administration
c) school‘s postcards for representation
d) vignettes for school-leavers
e) a photo of all school-leavers together
f) panoramic sight photo of the school for school‘s website
g) school‘s flag
h) T-shirts, caps, kerchiefs with schools logo
i) mugs with a pisture of the school
j) various kind of diplomas
k)door- plates with either changeable or permament information
7. In accordance with agreement made with school‘s  governing body there might be a possibility to print free photos of  10x15 cm size for needs of the school.


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